About Nar Photos
Aging in Turkey
©  Saner Şen
©  Tolga Sezgin

Nar Photos is an independent collective established in 2003 by photographers for whom documentary photography is a visual tool of  "understanding and expressing" the world.

The aim is to show the various conditions in human life. For the members the way of making  the projects  has an importance as well as the final result. In these times where producing together, sharing the knowledge, support and collectivism become an exception. They belive that the function of the images has a priority over their plastic and esthetic values.  Members do not accept what is given as the way it is, instead of staying satisfied with the answers they prefer to ask more questions. They produce photo reportages with the idea of trying to change the situation instead of admitting and protecting the existing circumstances.

 Agency plans to share the work with people by using alternative methods like street exhibitions, mobile exhibitions etc. to have more effect in and intervene the daily life besides books, internet, publications, exhibitions. One of the goals of the agency is to share knowledge and experience with the young photographers by a non-profit workshop.


 Agency welcomes the new members with inviting procedure. Members spend a defined period with the nominee members on common projects. The aim is to share an efficient period by having the opinion of working together, exchanging ideas, providing harmony and motivation for both parties.
All members have equal rights and responsibilities. Founding members do not have privileges.
Agency management is not hierarchal, it is based on periodical coordination with sharing the work according to the abilities and capacities. The opinion and information Exchange are being  made  and projects are being discussed in weekly meetings.
All members have equal speech right. The decisions are made by unanimous vote and persuasion.

Nar Photos service local and international publiciations with editorial image archive and assignment photography. The agency protect the photographers rights and support their projects.

Commercial work is not considered as the main subject of their life besides that members accept it as a necessity for sustainable economy considering their ethical responsibilities.Agency produces projects on this direction.