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The Third Bosphorus Bridge is the third bridge in Istanbul being constructed on the northern side of the Bosphorus facing the Black Sea. The bridge's route passes through Garipçe Village, Sarıyer, on the European side and Poyrazköy, Beykoz on the Anatolian side. Construction of the bridge's abutments started on May 29, 2013 and is planned to be completed in July 2014.
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Trains have not departed from Akhuryan since Turkey sealed its border with Armenia in 1993. The reason given was the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Recent attempts to restore relations between the two neighbouring countries have faltered, but those working at the railway station of the border continue regardless.
* This film is one of the five multimedia shot with in the Multimedia Project for Promoting Dialogue with the support of the Consulate-General of the Netherlands and the British Embassy organised by Hrant Dink Foundation, Galata Fotoğrafhanesi Fotoğraf Akademisi, Free Press Unlimited and Youth Initiative Centre of Gyumri.
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The history of Lubbey village in Odemis, Izmir goes back to ancient times.
Zeibeks had military barracks in Lubbey in the Ottoman period. Rapid out migration started in the 1980s. Some of the villagers in Lubbey moved to Camyayla, another village 10km away, for fertile agricultural lands, while others migrated to metropolitan areas.
While there were 100 households in 1950s, only 10 people still remain in Lubbey.
In 1927, 75% of the population in Turkey lived in villages. The percentage of people living in cities was 75% in 2011.

İzmir’in Ödemiş İlçesine bağlı Lübbey köyünün tarihi Antik çağlara kadar uzanıyor. Osmanlı döneminde zeybeklerin kışla olarak kullandığı Lübbey 1980’li yıllardan itibaren hızla göç vermeye başladı.
Lübbey’de yaşayanların bir kısmı  tarım arazilerinin elverişli konumu nedeniyle köye 10 km uzaklıktaki Çamyayla’ya yerleşirken bir kısmıda büyük şehirlere göç etti. 1950’li yıllarda 100 hanenin bulunduğu Lübbey’de bugün köyü terketmeyen 10 kişi  yaşamaya devam ediyor.
Türkiye’de 1927 yılında nüfusun %75 ‘i köylerde yaşarken, 2011 yılında nüfusun %75‘i şehirlerde yaşıyor.
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Inonu Stadium is opened on November 27th in 1947 with the Besiktas-AIK Solna (Sweden) match.
It was called Inonu Stadium till Democratic Party changed its name to Mithatpasa Stadium in 1952.
 It was memorialized as Dolmabahce Stadium for a while and became Inonu Stadium again in 1973. It was home to Besiktas Gymnastics Club since its opening.
 The Times newspaper indicated Inonu Stadium as the fourth among 10 Stadiums with the most beautiful scenery.
 Council of Monuments approved the renovation project of the stadium in May 2013.
Besiktas-Genclerbirligi match played on 11 May 2013 was the last one in Inonu Stadium.
 Inonu Stadium will be demolished when the football league is over and the new stadium will be constructed.
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Chorists of Burgazada Musical Community which is brought together by Leyla Sayın, gather and keep practising every sunday at Burgazada Marine Club since 2010.
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