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“the voice has been born out of the water, out of the bird, out of lullabies, out of mothers’ lullabies, out of women’s lullabies; it is nature’s voice... it is the voice of the mountain, the voice of the sea”

Due to censorship on their culture’s history, ‘Ashug and Dengbêj‘ musicians have always carried on their folks’ stories verbally. They struggled against oppression with their  persistence and passion. Ashug Leyli,  and  Dengbêj Gazin started on a journey to vouch for love, peace and friendship, using their voices as a tool. They deliver their memories from generation to generation in order to keep their culture alive and make their struggles known; to revive their memories while talking about them, to revive themselves… In defiance of the ones that want to make them forget, remembering against all odds, making people remember against all odds…
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