After The Constitutional Referendum
The Constitutional Referendum’s results have been announced. According to unofficial numbers, 51.3 % of the votes have been in favor of a constitutional reform, whereas 48.7% have been against it. After the announcement of the results, President Erdogan said the following, “Today, Turkey has made a historical decision regarding the governmental system which has been due since 200 years. It is easy to defend what’s there, but defending the change was difficult.” CHP’s chairman Kilicdaroglu claimed, after the news about unsealed ballots that have been counted started to spread, that the constitution should be grounded on a social agreement. A constitution which is rejected by half of the society, can’t be called an agreement. After the unoffical declaration of the vote’s results, supporters of AKP started to celebrate at the party’s headquarters, whereas in districts as Besiktas and Kadikoy hundreds gathered to protest the controversial outcome of the votes.
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