Ismaco Workers Resist
Towards the end of 2012, workers at Ismaco, a Dutch-based company producing luxury shirts for worldwide-known brand Ermenegildo Zegna, decided to join Deri-Is, the leather workers union because the company did not increase wages over last three years, worsened working conditions, and used policies of discrimination and violence against the workforce.When the company management heard of the unionization efforts at the plant, managers started to call workers to individual meetings to force them to resign or not to join Deri-Is. Ismaco management then targeted pioneering members with threats and intimidations, and finally dismissed union members Cengiz Taskesen, Fikriye Akgul and Oznur Fazlıoglu  and Munevver Uyar in the beginning of 2013. In addition to four already dismissed workers, five more members of Deri-Is, namely Turan Bas, Imam Huseyin Gumussoy, Bilal Gumussoy, Celal Aydin and Mustafa Tas are dismissed.The local company management has not abstained from openly announcing that they do not want the union in their workplaces. Deri-Is is actively campaigning on behalf of the workers and demanding; Reinstatement of the dismissed workers; An end to the hostile attitudes of managers against union members and workers wanting to join the union; Recognition of Deri-Is as the union representing workers to negotiate problems at the factory;  Creation of an environment inside the plant that respects freedom of association as a basic right and ensures that workers can freely become and remain a union member and execute union activities.IndustriALL Global Union in the meantime continues to support Deri-Is campaign.
Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Taner Yildiz visited the ISMACO workers on their 155th day and promised them that he will take care about the situation.
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