A Domestic Worker; Gul Korkutan
A domestic worker is a person who is engaged in house and nursing works within an employment relationship. Home services are considered as an important work area for low -educated and unskilled women who can’t find a job in the metropolitan regions.
It is estimated that  a vast number (over one million) domestic workers are working in Turkey. The labor law in Turkey is not counting domestic workers as workers. In order to benefit from social security rights such as pension rights and health rights, ten workdays within a month condition in the same workplace is required. This requirement constitutes a major obstacle to benefit from social rights for domestic workers who works  weekly or monthly in the same workplace.
By the society, domestic work is still extensively been regarded as an self-evident workfield done by women. This leads labor spent in the fields of the  profession domestic work to be invisible.
Gül Korkutan, living in Esenyurt,Istanbul, works six days in a week as a domestic worker for 17 years. “After I became a member of union, I realized that my field of work is a profession.” said  Gul Korkutan who is actively involved in ‘IMECE, Union of Domestic Workers’ since 2002.
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