Aging in Turkey
Turkey’s population growth rate is above the worlds average but old age population increases still day by day. Life extension expanded 10 years in the last 20 years. 50 years ago people over the age of 60 years were %3 of general population, today they form the %10 of it. There are 7.4 million people over the age of 60 and the number is supposed to be 25 million in 2050.
These statistical data is a harbinger of the social problems in near future. There has to be real social investments for quality aging where old people will form the 25 % of the population. But the circumstances are not relieving.
Gerontology, the science of old age issues, is founded 105 years ago and it is not quite known in Turkey. Gerontology department in Akdeniz University, set up in 2006, sorts out serious problems that we are facing with their surveys on modes of aging.
The survey aiming to form The Turkeys first Gerontology Atlas is being conducted by The Akdeniz University Gerontology Department President Prof. Ismail Tufan and his students. The research is planning to be finished in 2023  and will be carried out in four stages, first two phases of which are already completed.  There are more than 35.000 face to face meetings done for the survey and 3500 of those are being followed continuously. The results are not relieving. Young population is unaware of the living conditions that gets harder for the elderly. There are currently 600.000 Dementia 300.000 Alzheimer patient living in Turkey. The number of Alzheimer patients are estimated to be more than one million in ten years besides that the nursing and rehabilitation centers for them are far from enough. Old age population growth increases the burdens of the families. Last year there are 9 elders are left at the yard of a mosque in Antalya. %93 of old age population spends time watching TV, %82 of them do not have any income, %62 don’t have any social security.