Amedspor Women's Football Team
Women have began to play football in Turkey since 1954. However, the fact that football is seen as a men's sport has caused women to be outcasted, found odd and even forbidden. Because of these reasons, women’s league was established in1994. Women Football Team of Amedspor was established by Municipality of Diyarbakır in 2009 with women who play football in the street by in and was taken part in Women League of Turkey in 2011. And then, the team stepped up to Women Premier League in 2017 by gaining success and championships over and over.

The team has changed its name in 2014 and has taken its old name "Amedspor" which was widely used among the Kurds. From this date, especially Men Football Team of Amedspor exposed to discrimination, defamation and violence many times with its fans and executive board in the west side of the Turkey because of its Kurdish identity. This violence and discriminatory attitudes have provided to adopt much more among the Kurds as a identity team and Men Football Team of Amedspor have had a strong group of fans. But this situation didn’t valid for the Women Football Team of Amedspor which has stepped up to Premier League as being champion two years in a row. One of the most important reasons for this, is that football is still not perceived as a sport for women and women in society are not taken seriously.

This work, Amedspor Women Football Team players’s including women between the ages of 16-26 who are confronting much more problems and barriers as Kurds and women, is following the traces of situations about their fragility, femininity, passions, loneliness, togetherness, and winning losing and about relationships between each other and the city.