Beyond The Border
Turkey and Syria open Ceylanpinar and Nusaybin border passing points for limited days during the Feast of the Sacrifice. Second and third days from Turkey side of the border nearly 5000 people passed to Syria for 48 hour, with a special permission to see their relatives and celebrate the holiday with them. At the same days 4500 Syrians passed over Nusaybin (Turkey) from Quamislo (Syria) town. Visitors from both sides of the border waited long hours with gifts to their families. Everybody had happy moments of meeting their relatives, friends who had no chance to see each other for long time because of the border between them. Borders divided families, friends and the ones shares the same life with control points, land mines and wire entanglement. In today’s world many things can travel easily and freely. People who have the same clouds above their heads but divided with a border have the same question in their mind:
What does the border between us protect ?
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