Greek Orthodox Minority of Istanbul
In official statistics of 1924, one forth of the Istanbul population was Greek Orthodox which corresponds to 280 thousands approximately. In the time period, this number decreased to 3 thousands in a total Istanbul population of 15 million. Thousands of Greek Orthodox Istanbulians were forced to leave their homes and country with many different executions. Such as ‘Varlık Vergisi’ (a tax applied on minorities (named also non-Muslim) in 1945) and 6-7 September 1955 demonstrations (during those 2 days, many properties like schools, shops, churchs of minorities were destroyed by demonstrators who were protesting politics of Greece on Cyprus). The ones who insisted on staying in Istanbul gathered around the Patriacate which is the center of Greek Orthodoxs in İstanbul. And they always identify themself as a part of the church. Being a small community, with closed schools, missing old days make them to resist this situation and to stay in home.
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