Never Stop Playing Basketball
Turkiyemspor Berlin e.V., founded 1978 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is the biggest sports club in Germany that was founded by migrants. The club competes in football and basketball branches and have players from different nationalities. The adult football department includes three women’s and four men’s teams. 

The basketball department which now has one woman , one girl U14, one girl U12 teams and also two men teams, had been founded in 2018. 

Since women and girls are under-represented in all areas of basketball (players, coaches, referees, board members), the club focuses on  this issue primarily and aim to increase the number of woman players in the coming years. Starting from 2020, they would like to train their own players as coaches and referees. 

The First Woman basketball team playing in Berlin amateur Oberliga won all 12 games that season and completed the first round of the league as the leader. 

Many of the team players began playing basketball at early ages, some of them played as professional and even became national players. Because of long training hours and low payment they decided to build another career at some points in their lives. But they never stop playing basketball.