Profile Pictures
The beginning of the Civil War in Syria in 2011 has resulted in a huge migration wave to neighboring countries. Turkey as one of these countries is estimated to be hosting over 3,000,000 Syrian refugees. Half of the amount of registered refugees consists of children and adolescents.
The children, who had to leave Syria at the beginning of the Civil War, have grown into adolescents in Turkey. A majority of these teenagers have been students back in Syria, whereas in Turkey they have been deprived of their right to education. As a result, these adolescents have to live in poor neighborhoods and are mostly employed in unsteady uninsured cheap labor within textile factories. Since these teenagers are frequently exposed to discrimination in different aspects of their everyday lives, their social contacts are limited to people with the same background as their own. In need of spaces, that make it possible for them to express themselves and make themselves visible, they partially try to fulfill themselves through social media. They are inventing new identities and self-presentation methods through their profile pictures.