Syrian Child Workers
According to the statement of Ministry of Internal Affairs in June 2014 there are 1 million 385 thousand Syrian people living in Turkey. Around 220 thousand of them live in camps while the others spread all around the country. UNICEF reports that half of the Syrian refugees in Turkey are aged in between 0-18 years and at least one third of them are at their school age. According to informal data 80 percent of the children does not attend school.  They are subject to cheap labor in various sectors. Significant part of the Syrian people living out of the camp look for a job but the existing laws make it difficult for them to get a work permit. Under these circumstances adults and children are being worked in construction, textile, heavy industry and agricultural field with ill pay generating an underground economy.
This photo-reportage is about Syrian child workers in Adana, Ankara, İstanbul and Gaziantep, cities where Syrian refugees are mostly settled in Turkey.