Trabzon Idmanocagi Women’s Football Team
The sport of football, which is known to produce gender and cultural codes in an intensely sexist manner, isn’t just a male domain. Turkey’s first women’s league was founded in 1994 and developed into a total of three leagues, nearly 100 teams and over 5.000 licensed female soccer players nowadays.
The Trabzon Idmanocagi women’s football team was founded in the season of 2007-2008 and moved up to Turkey’s first division in the season of 2009-2010. In the season of 2015-2016, they have ranked third place out of 10 teams in the first division matches.
All the women footballers became interested in playing football early in their childhood.Only three football players in the Trabzon Idmanocagi team are originally from Trabzon. The team’s players of different origins are living together in Trabzon where they are divided into two houses. The players have to train four times a week and usually spent their spare time together as well. A majority of these football players are studying gymnastics at different universities and plan to work as gymnastic teachers after their football careers.
Unfortunately, female football players as well as football clubs have to deal with various difficulties. Their biggest problem is the football federation’s insufficient financial support that forces a majority of Turkey’s female football players to work in extra jobs. As a consequence, many players are inclined to quit their football careers early.Another issue is the short football match season. Since there are only a few female football teams in the league, training and competing only take up 6 months of their year. This affects the player’s physical performances negatively as well as reduces the football matches efficiencies in league games and international tournaments.
Due to media’s general disinterest in female sports and the fact that women’s football games aren’t shown as live streams on television, the endeavor and struggles of these women are non-visible to the public.
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